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Abnormality Of Early Pregnancy

Most  women have unevenful pregnancies that are free of complications. Others, however, have complications that threaten their well-being and that of their babies. Many problems can be anticipated during prenatal care and thus prevented or made lass severe . others occur without warning.

Whomen who have no prenatal care or begin care late in pregnancy many have complications that are severe because they were they not identified early.the box below describes the danger signs that should be taught to every pregnant women and reinforced at each prenatal visit. The women should be taught to notify her health care provider if any of these danger signs occur. A hight – rist pregnancy is defined as one in which the health of the mother or fetus is in jeopardy.

Hight – rist pregnancies usually have causes charaterized by the following :

  • Relate to the pregnancy itself
  • Occur the woman has a medical condition or injury that complicates the pregnancy
  • Result from the maternal behaviors or lifestyles that have a negative effect on the mother or fetus
  • Early and nconsistent assesment for rist factors during prenatal visits is essential for a positive outcome for the mother and the fetus.

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