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Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

Yoga for Pregnant WomenPregnancy, especially for young mothers usually elicits feelings of tension, muscular body stiff and sore at having to bear the body weight increase. Discomfort during pregnancy, it sometimes makes the pregnant woman experiencing disruption in their daily activities. To overcome this situation, mothers who are pregnant can try yoga for pregnant women who can relieve tension and relaxes stiff muscles.

Yoga for pregnant women is a technique or physical movements combined with breathing techniques to relax tense muscles and mind during pregnancy. By doing this yoga for pregnant women it can reduce bruising which usually appear around the joints, helps physical preparation in the face of the birthing process, and is very useful in the regulation of breathing during a normal birth. Yoga for pregnant women yoga is different from that performed on people who are not pregnant. Usually yoga for pregnant women, there is no turning movements, jumping, kicking. Doing yoga regularly during pregnancy can also make a fetus in the womb will grow healthy and can help smooth the process of birth.

Techniques Yoga for Pregnant Women

  • Sitting cross-legged

Take a position most comfortable and relaxed in sitting cross-legged. Place both hands at your sides with your elbows straight and palms against the floor. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Do it over and over again. Then raise both hands from the side of the body toward the head as he took a deep breath and unite the palm of the hand above his head. Then, as he lowered his hand slowly to the front of the body, release your breath. The benefits of this movement is to strengthen the arm muscles, flex joints are stiff shoulders and gives a sense of calm in tense feelings during pregnancy. Read the rest of this entry »

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